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I have to do some re-planning.


I was away for a little while and did some learning and now I have a whole new perspective of things. The over all plan will be the same but I plan on making a few changes.

For starters if you navigate to the menu and go to tools there will be a tab for marketing styles.

I am going to expand on this in a big way. Not just tell you what these styles are but add my own take with how to guides.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen I am going to show you how these strategies work and why each one is important to your success.

And they are, yes you can make a little money from your business with just one of these strategies but it’s not until you Combine them into one complete strategy that you start to see these Explosive results everyone is talking about.

That is were you want to be. That is were I want you to be.

New marketers just bursting on to the scene are struggling. There is information everywhere saying that if you do this or you do that you will be successful, the reality of it is this:

“Most marketing courses will purposely only give you pieces of information.”

They do this so that they can set up a pitch opening, ” Ok I showed you how to do this dot dot dot. Now buy this and I will show you how to achieve maximum results.” Or ” You have the basics now learn how to up your game by buying this.”

Here at Stubborn Affiliates it is my goal to give you everything.

You will get the how to’s without all the BS attached.

Yes I will recommend products that cost money but only the products that are needed and ones that I myself use.

Every type of business imaginable has some sort of operating cost. It’s a simple but undeniable fact.

In online marketing this will be things like:

  • Hosting

The place were you will store your website for the world to see.

  • Domain Names

This is how your brand will be identified and found on the web.

  • Email Auto res-ponders

This is how you stay on top of your Email marketing strategies in the simplest and most profitable way.

  • Paid advertising

Yes we all love free traffic, truth is free will only get you so far. There are many many websites out there doing the same thing you are and the best way to get ahead of them all is by highly effective targeted marketing to people looking to buy your service. There are several companies that specialize in driving targeted traffic.

I will also be doing a segment on how to use social medias like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to expand your potential audiences.

So yeah guys Stubborn has some big changes coming and I am confident it will be to everyone’s benefit.

Good luck on your journeys and I hope to be a helping hand in getting you where you want to go.

Tata for now.



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Author: Kenneth Crawford

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